Let us rejoice!

The area we live in has just experienced a horrific flooding event.  On the Thursday after Easter I walked into the church and saw the Sanctuary still adorned for Resurrection Day.  It was sure hard to believe that Easter was a few days ago.  We had lived so much life in such a short time that it felt like months ago. 
I am proud to say I have seen neighbors help neighbors, strangers become friends and wonderful people hold up the arms of another when they grew weak.  I have seen people cry and then suck it up to go on for another day.  I’ve seen Christ work through the muscles I can touch and see move right here beside me.  It’s been a pretty beautiful thing.  There is still so much more to do.  The restoration begins now to homes that have been flooded. The sandbags that served us well will have to be removed and the bravehearts will have to face tomorrow.  Do I dare say “let us rejoice” in the face of these friends and loved ones who have almost lost it all??? Yes, because I know my Redeemer lives and they have seen him too.  He is beautiful and He is alive!  

Oh how funny our Lord is and what an awesome tangled mess I make out of my life, yet He knows how to weave it into something amazing.  Recently we have been asking the Lord about this change we’ve felt coming in our children’s educational needs. We have been seeking wise counsel, weighing the pros and cons and making sure we knocked on a few doors to test the waters.  I can save the rest of the story for another day…but then
just received this product from Dayspring.  I love it!  The folks at (in)courage gave me this free in order to have a review. I kind of think that’s a cool deal!  They have some really neat stuff (in my opinion) at the store you can check out at this link http://store.dayspring.com/  I’ve always loved Matthew 6:33 and am going to totally enjoy seeing this wallhanging above our dining table.  My family is taking all efforts to stay inside of this scripture Joshua 24:15, “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Pray for us as we make a major change in order to serve and reach others in the name of the Lord. 


As I sit

Wow.. we’ve been sitting here for quite awhile waiting to see what’s going on with my father as he has just had surgery… what’s going on…we’re numb on the backside and in the brain from the waiting and wondering. When will he wake up? When can he go home? What’s next? My role has changed with my father and it’s no longer me listening to my daddy, but me having to politely suggest what we do. Yes, mostly walking on pins and needles hoping not to offend or damage his pride, but knowing if I don’t do something it’s he that will continue to suffer. Ok, so the reason why we’re even here is my “ever so intelligent and wonderful husband” said insteading of sitting and worrying why don’t you do something? Well, we’ve done something but now we’re back to sitting… and so the beat goes on as I sit.

too blessed.

My husband told me about the little girl that had a birthday at the camp they are staying at in Columbia.  She turned 3… and that’s how many toys she owns now.  My son sent a stuffed animal and my daughter picked out a barbie for the little lady. Her name slips my mind right now, but before my husband passed on the gifts she had 1 naked little barbie.  My kids have a room full that they have to step around… oh how blessed we are.  oh how sad I am that I have so much I don’t appreciate.  Lord, thank you for the blessings that I can’t even see because I have too much… I am too blessed…


My husband’s blog post… yeah, well he’s a loser… well, actually, I am not worried— just amazed at the craziness around me without being totally destroyed. I kind of feel like a far removed cousin to Job. It’s ok…so far I’m good, holding together by a thread, but it’s pretty good thread.

The Sacred Journey…

Hello there…
Been struggling to read a book called “The Sacred Journey” for months!!! Recently, I personally have been feeling like I needed to take a few new steps to exercise my faith. How ironic that the same time my husband embarked upon a trip to Colombia, South America was the time God said “go time!” for the exercise. This is not what I had planned!!!
Last time my husband went on a mission trip my son collapsed on a field trip and earned a trip to the emergency room. This week, my father’s health declined and the journey we took was also the emergency room, that has earned him at least a 3 night stay in the Doctor’s Inn. As I have been trying to let God know I wanted to know him and trust him more, nowhere was it ever in my mind that my journey would just be to my local medical complex where I would meet tons of wonderful folks who have been encouraging my father back to good health. My exercise I believe this far is to rely upon God for my strength, keep my cool with my children without assistance from their dad (since he’s out of the country) and encourage my dad to get well soon!
The Sacred Journey by Charles Foster is a discovery of the pilgrimage we take on the path of life. We can either choose to take the adventure and live it out partially or fully or we can sit back to lack of organization or too much caution. Truthfully, I felt like the book was difficult to read and skipped around with its tales, locations, and lessons. I do believe it gave many wonderful citings about the journey Jesus took as a human and how he called people to follow him. The writer stresses walking and travel are a necessity and that God has a bent towards nomads. One point I found very philosophical but true is that arrival is less important than the journey. Along the way, you will find important lessons that are learned, and during said journey parts of you will be changed, as well as things lost, physically and emotionally as well as things won. The author continually reiterates that we my physically walk, move, depart, leave and go. Personally, I don’t think a sacred journey has to be about that. I truly believe a sacred journey that our Lord requires of us is to get beyond ourselves and see to those about us— like he did!
I received this book free from the publisher through the book review program for bloggers by Booksneeze.com . I was not required to write a positive review of this book. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission requirements of 16 CFR, part 255.
Because my own life and the ones around me I feel are a part of a scared journey not a walk that physically has to be manuevered but must be lived out in our daily stayings and goings, I found it odd that I finally was able to finish this on the lack of a walk I’m having as we sit in the hospital!

Things that make you go… hummmm

Well, my kids and I have now watched “Bibleman: Combating the Commandant of Confusion” twice. This complimentary video was sent to me by the Tommy Nelson company. The DVD reminds us to “put on the full armor of God so that you can flight against the devil’s evil tricks” Ephesians 6:11
The Bible Adventure Training Center has been invaded by two characters, Confusion (who talks in a way that will confuse) and Chaos, who is what his name implies. The team has to help each other overcome this confusion the two have caused. The story was interesting sometimes the twist and turns were a bit confusing. The language of the character Confusion often was confusing but chaos tried very hard to explain it along the way. While it was a LIVE recording, it still left me with a little longing… not sad or dissappointed, just not pumped up/excited like Bibleman once did- kind of “hummm”. It could have been the change in the team as Willie Aims is no longer Bibleman and his sidekick is not the same guy I think either. 😦
The story appeals to ages 6-10 but my little girl age 3 was captivated and excited about it too. This is a great alternative to Superheroes are little ones love and they hear the Word of God at the same time! There is an opening music video that helps you get to know the team to come.

Picture RUN DMC… "Shut Up! You talk too much!!!"

Once again, it’s my daughter… The girl never stops talking!!! I can’t believe a person can talk this much!!! Yes, she’s 3…. but please! Isn’t there a break time for us… doesn’t she need oxygen.
Then again, there’s my 6 year old boy… he’s beautiful too, but oh soooo loud with his STar Wars sounds and other weird noises. It’s amazing out of two small bodies can come sooo much noise!

I like Big Butts

My DAUGHTER~~! She’s 3!!! you know how I like song titles… Ok, so the song wasn’t big butts, but it was big boobs and there isn’t a song for that.. yet anyway…. Sitting in my lap she says, “Mommy, I like your boobies. When can I get boobies?”
We told her when she grew up.. She responds”but i don’t want to grow up!” So like a man I thought!!! Doesn’t want to grow up, but wants some boobies of his own!!!
You know, you just can’t have everything boys… and baylee!!!