So today when I was “Black Friday” shopping, I turned the corner to run SMACK into a end cap with which I had forgotten I was looking for!  It was a good thing!  This summer when I was unpacking from our move, I ran across a great devotional book my husband’s aunt had given me a few years ago.  It has been a huge blessing and comfort to me through this time of change in our lives.  When I saw there was a children’s devotional version of the book, I knew we needed to get it.  

So the awesome book I’m talking about is “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young.  It’s just simply a wonderful way to start, or end your day.  Here’s the link to the one I’m reading currently.

I can’t wait to start reading the children’s version with my kids.  It just has a way of giving you a little wow, or hummmm, or sometimes a smack when you need it.  

Speaking of, God gave me a little SMACK the other day.  Yes, just picture the awesome Jethro Gibbs from NCIS, tapping Denozo on the back of the head.  Recently, God like Gibbs whacked me with the message.  He impressed upon me how I had totally been striving and how in life that I cannot do or make happen one thing that He doesn’t want or can’t give me.  My striving and “trying to make things happen” will not add or make better one day of my life.  Actually it had made my life a little worse.  He made it ever so apparent to me that He has been, IS and will supply all my needs and even more than I can dream or imagine.  I am so grateful for this message.

So now, I ask you, what has God smacked you with lately?   

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Memories, Light the CORNERS of my Mind.

Yes, that’s certainly true for me.  Memories, do light the “corners” of my mind!  Yes, I have corners to my mind!  Head that is!  I asked my mom once upon a time, why my head had corners…”Oh Berta, your head was such a mess, you’re lucky it’s shaped like it is!”  Guess my head’s always been a mess and continues to follow suit through the years!  (And now you know why God gave me so much hair!)

Speaking of messes, I was thinking of a couple of times when I got myself into a mess.  Grade School… a lovely time of fun and innocence… and a little bit of innocent fun.  The day the boys decided to chide us about having our period, yes, monthly visit, Aunt Flo, whatever!  They had just “figured it all out” and wanted us to know they completely understood it all! Bah ha ha!!!  Well, when 13 year old strong willed girls have had enough, you’re about to experience some excitement.  

During a little bit of recess, we had the opportunity to sneak away for the business of the day.  Our mission, we had chosen to accept, was to plaster the super matttress-like maxi pads of 1980’s, (but probably left over from the 70’s), and color deeply with a nice bright red marker and plaster them to every one of those dang 8th grade boys locker!  It was such a high to smack those bad boys onto the inside of those bad boys lockers!  The thrill ended when I heard my 8th grade homeroom teacher say “GIRRRRRRRLLLLLLLSSSS!!!! in his best “I’m disappointed in you voice.”  

That memory along with the day I got to run all day for pulling down a guys shorts, that were on top of his sweatpants (remember the 80’s?) light the corners of my mind!  So when you pulled the shorts, the pants went too— didn’t plan on that.  Yes, I’m thankful I had to run all day, otherwise I would have definitely gotten the paddle… minus the boat!  (remember the 80’s?) Many thanks to Mr. York for just yelling and making me run.  I would have been mortified to have gotten a spanking at school, plus the one at home…. however, I had to take the dare.  You just don’t ignore your girlfriends dare!

So what’s your best school memories?  What lights the “corners” of your mind?  

Encouraging our kids

(In)spired Deals

U-Neek with my Uneek Baby girl Baylee It’s a brand-spanking I mean, school-wise and again a new school for our kids.

This treat couldn’t have come at a better time. Our kids have started a new school, in a new town, in a new state… and that’s just about too much “new” for them. However, finding these little “U-Neeks” with the coolest little tags of identification on them were just enough to forget the worries for a bit and smile.

These little UNIQUE/U-NEEK creatures could not have shown up at a better time for us. Our family’s unique situation in that our kids have moved away from their home, while their parents (my hubby and I) have moved home… and no less to be a pastor of his home church. Crazy I say! However, unique is God’s middle name, I think!!!

(In)spired Deals has a great line of school supplies and encouraging toys and cards to help the kids in your life make a statement about their faith or to encourage them along the way. From notepads and folders to toys and cards Dayspring will help your child share their faith and make a statement about who they are.

I love the cards especially since they are so full of encouragement to others. We sent a couple to our friends from our old town and I also gave one to my kids. They are from a new series of items at Dayspring called U-NEEKS. They are great cards for the kids to give out but I love them too!

They also have corresponding plush toys in several characters and they are really adorable. I love how each character has a list of likes and a bible verse. My kids are really loving them all the while learning that it is great to be U-NEEK and Fearfully and Wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)

I pray that my children will become comfortable in their new school and continue to grow in their faith as they trust God on this new adventure in our family life.

Disclosure: DaySpring provided me with U-NEEK plush toys and cards in exchange for sharing my story and giving my opinion. My opinions are always my own!

Change, but the same

Well, here it is…  It’s the same, yet different.  It’s a blog, but a new address.  For the last few years I’ve been using blogger, but I liked the helpfulness of wordpress so I’m giving it a shot.  While everything else in my life is changing, why not give this a whirl too!

This is ALOT like our life right now.  It’s the same yet soooo different.  Yes, I’m still the redneckrevrunt’s wife, still proud to have married the man of my dreams and still have the best father to my children I could have dreamed of.  Yet it’s different.  He’s there, in the position we are excited about serving at in the new church.  We, the kids and I,  are still here at the one we’ve loved and served for 8 years.  We’ll be here until the end of May, when school is out.  Yes, it’s still the same loving, awesome people.  But it’s different.  They know I will not be a part of them soon, I know it too and that makes it feel different.

The kids know Daddy loves them, prays for them and thinks of them all the time.  However he is not here.  That is very different.  Daddy sneaks off to “heaven” his happy hunting ground, for an over-nighter once a week or so.  Sometimes he even goes on mission trip for 10-13 days, but this time it’s different.  He’s not going to be here during the week at all— for 3 months!  We’ll have to visit him on the weekends. That’s different.  Boy-howdy!

I read a friend’s reading plan…12 of Lifetime Daily Devotions. and how it blessed me, reassured and comforted me.

Today, I read, “Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever.” Hebrews 31:8.  I’ve read and heard it a million times, but today it hit me differently.  Yes, our circumstances change, our feelings change, and the Lord knows, our weight changes, but Jesus Christ does not.  Thank you Lord, for remaining the same, yesterday, today and forever.  I needed that today.

Now, I’m going to go change my clothes.  They’ll be different ones, but still clothes.

If tomorrow never comes

So last night,the words to Garth Brooks hit comes to mind, “IF tomorrow never comes, will she know how much I loved her”. First, because I was dreading the goodbyes but also because I hope New Hope Church is really aware of how much she means to me…and I’m not talking about the building! I can honestly say they have shown,given and taught me so much about love. From the first meeting, the capacity to love was evident. It must be something special about these western Kentucky FOLKS- Woodlawn loved us amazingly too! I thank you for so many precious things First, PATIENCE for a young pastor in his first pastorate. That it has lasted 8 years is normally unheard of and what has been done is nothing short of a miracle. The KINDNESS you’ve shown my family during the illness and loss of my mother was tremendous. You have been the bearer of so many things,believed in my husband even when he was such a newby. You kept the hope and endured rough and also wonderful times with each other, us and as a church family. I hope I will be able to pass on and exemplify the love of Jesus as you have done for me. You have been the living, breathing scripture of 1 Corinthians 13:4. I must remind you what it says on into verse 8, Love never ends…. and it will not for me once we are gone either. Thank you New Hope Church, Western Kentucky and Metropolis friends as well. So glad God gave me this gift of crossing paths with you.

Tree, Forest or Broken Google.

You know the old saying about not being able to see the trees for the forest…. Well, I took a walk the other day and noticed the trees.  Oh, some were gnarly, crooked, half-dead, very interesting, but somehow all of them seemed beautiful… especially with the fall colors they are all beginning to show.  It was then I felt like God said, “Hey, this just like all of you guys down there… you’re messed up in some way or another, none of you are perfect, you’ve all had some damage, but you’re all beautiful to me”.  OOOhhhhh.  Thank you God, that made me smile— but duh? “I know that”!!!! Recently we’ve started calling my son “Google”, it seems whatever is said, he says “yeah, I know”… So as my boy would say…yeah, I know…. BUT… how long have a known that and still sometimes feel like a complete loser, a moron, an ugly, pathetic waste of God’s time!
Well, if we get beyond my slighly broken version of Google, I know in my heart… He loves me just the way I am… He loves you too, just the way you are.

Kids say the darnest things…

Amazingly, Baylee received a “listening aware” today.  She obviously goes to school and does as we prayed she had, however, we still have yet to get her to use that skill in our home.  I’m thrilled she used her skills at school, and I’m praying it starts at home.

This evening, I was going out to pitch a few balls to Baylee.  She carries her bat over her shoulders with her arms hanging over the top and says, “Look, I’m dying on the cross”.  Oh sweetheart… Somebody’s already done that so please don’t start trying to save yourself by doing it again… It just ain’t gonna work!!!

Lastly, Jeff and Hunter go to the new Hucks in town!  They were so excited and got an icee.  Hunter checks the place out and says… “Daddy, you could live here!!! They’ve got gas, drinks, pizza, food and bathrooms!”  How we can be so pleased with the simple, bare necessities… Although these are not the things that fill and satisfy our souls… it’s good he sees this is all that must be supplied and not have to have excess.

My sinus cavities have just opened up after killing me… nose is freezing… does that make me a “cold-noser?”

Summer, Where for art thou summer????

Oh I just blinked and the summer flew by.  Sadness!!! I just think I’m going to get so much accomplished and then I look and see, whoops I did it again!  However, we have lived the abundant life this summer, 2 camps, 1 week of our church business meeting/seeing friends, and week of camping.  My kids have seen a lot and done a lot.  We enjoyed each other and had some good times too.


Today my baby girl started Kindergarten. ohhhhh sadness.  A few tears were shed, by me only.  Baylee was so excited.  She did have a great time today and she has a wonderful teacher.  I can’t wait to see what comes about this year.

Hunter also had a big change today.  He switched schools and started 2nd grade.  He had a great day and saw lots of friends.  The change has been hard but also very good.

This bittersweet change has been a growing experience for me too.  The school they are now attending was a place I once worked but didn’t get rehired.  Many told me how it was wrong how I was not rehired, but evenso, the job was given to someone better known or who knew others.  Now my children attend this very school, under different leadership, PTL, and they have been greeted by my old coworkers and friends very warmly.  I am thankful that I knew these people. I’m also thankful that God has allowed my this growth opportunity to suck up my pride and change my bitter feelings towards this school to something sweet.  Now it’s even become a blessing!  Thank you Lord for your blessings on me!

As I sit

Wow.. we’ve been sitting here for quite awhile waiting to see what’s going on with my father as he has just had surgery… what’s going on…we’re numb on the backside and in the brain from the waiting and wondering. When will he wake up? When can he go home? What’s next? My role has changed with my father and it’s no longer me listening to my daddy, but me having to politely suggest what we do. Yes, mostly walking on pins and needles hoping not to offend or damage his pride, but knowing if I don’t do something it’s he that will continue to suffer. Ok, so the reason why we’re even here is my “ever so intelligent and wonderful husband” said insteading of sitting and worrying why don’t you do something? Well, we’ve done something but now we’re back to sitting… and so the beat goes on as I sit.