Let us rejoice!

The area we live in has just experienced a horrific flooding event.  On the Thursday after Easter I walked into the church and saw the Sanctuary still adorned for Resurrection Day.  It was sure hard to believe that Easter was a few days ago.  We had lived so much life in such a short time that it felt like months ago. 
I am proud to say I have seen neighbors help neighbors, strangers become friends and wonderful people hold up the arms of another when they grew weak.  I have seen people cry and then suck it up to go on for another day.  I’ve seen Christ work through the muscles I can touch and see move right here beside me.  It’s been a pretty beautiful thing.  There is still so much more to do.  The restoration begins now to homes that have been flooded. The sandbags that served us well will have to be removed and the bravehearts will have to face tomorrow.  Do I dare say “let us rejoice” in the face of these friends and loved ones who have almost lost it all??? Yes, because I know my Redeemer lives and they have seen him too.  He is beautiful and He is alive!  

Oh how funny our Lord is and what an awesome tangled mess I make out of my life, yet He knows how to weave it into something amazing.  Recently we have been asking the Lord about this change we’ve felt coming in our children’s educational needs. We have been seeking wise counsel, weighing the pros and cons and making sure we knocked on a few doors to test the waters.  I can save the rest of the story for another day…but then
just received this product from Dayspring.  I love it!  The folks at (in)courage gave me this free in order to have a review. I kind of think that’s a cool deal!  They have some really neat stuff (in my opinion) at the store you can check out at this link http://store.dayspring.com/  I’ve always loved Matthew 6:33 and am going to totally enjoy seeing this wallhanging above our dining table.  My family is taking all efforts to stay inside of this scripture Joshua 24:15, “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Pray for us as we make a major change in order to serve and reach others in the name of the Lord.