Do we have to put it away?

It’s that time… time to put away the Christmas decorations (aka my husband’s favorite time of the year). I don’t know why he’s like that, but it can’t stand the extras that come out with Christmas- it’s just too much for his minimal wish for his home. So lucky he got me, so he’ll never be bored with his home and he’ll never have the minimalist look! Sorry Honey!

After we moved, he actually asked me, while hating to admit it, to “do something with this house because it’s too bla without your touch”. I’m no “whiz-bang” in the decorating department, but I do like to have something interesting to look at. I’ve still got lots of items on my mental list of things to do in our home… but for now, I practice patience.
I would like to share a cute little doormat I got from Dayspring! It’s a “Great Joy” to welcome people with this little doormat. Nice quality and also has a great message. You can always use this kind of message… in case I leave it out a little longer than the Christmas season;) wink, wink.

And what’s even cooler is they have a after Christmas sale going on that’s really cool… so you might be putting away your Christmas treasures but you may want to add to that collection for next year!
I received my doormat from Dayspring to review it for you and it's well worth the time.