Things that make you go… hummmm

Well, my kids and I have now watched “Bibleman: Combating the Commandant of Confusion” twice. This complimentary video was sent to me by the Tommy Nelson company. The DVD reminds us to “put on the full armor of God so that you can flight against the devil’s evil tricks” Ephesians 6:11
The Bible Adventure Training Center has been invaded by two characters, Confusion (who talks in a way that will confuse) and Chaos, who is what his name implies. The team has to help each other overcome this confusion the two have caused. The story was interesting sometimes the twist and turns were a bit confusing. The language of the character Confusion often was confusing but chaos tried very hard to explain it along the way. While it was a LIVE recording, it still left me with a little longing… not sad or dissappointed, just not pumped up/excited like Bibleman once did- kind of “hummm”. It could have been the change in the team as Willie Aims is no longer Bibleman and his sidekick is not the same guy I think either. 😦
The story appeals to ages 6-10 but my little girl age 3 was captivated and excited about it too. This is a great alternative to Superheroes are little ones love and they hear the Word of God at the same time! There is an opening music video that helps you get to know the team to come.