Memories, Light the CORNERS of my Mind.

Yes, that’s certainly true for me.  Memories, do light the “corners” of my mind!  Yes, I have corners to my mind!  Head that is!  I asked my mom once upon a time, why my head had corners…”Oh Berta, your head was such a mess, you’re lucky it’s shaped like it is!”  Guess my head’s always been a mess and continues to follow suit through the years!  (And now you know why God gave me so much hair!)

Speaking of messes, I was thinking of a couple of times when I got myself into a mess.  Grade School… a lovely time of fun and innocence… and a little bit of innocent fun.  The day the boys decided to chide us about having our period, yes, monthly visit, Aunt Flo, whatever!  They had just “figured it all out” and wanted us to know they completely understood it all! Bah ha ha!!!  Well, when 13 year old strong willed girls have had enough, you’re about to experience some excitement.  

During a little bit of recess, we had the opportunity to sneak away for the business of the day.  Our mission, we had chosen to accept, was to plaster the super matttress-like maxi pads of 1980’s, (but probably left over from the 70’s), and color deeply with a nice bright red marker and plaster them to every one of those dang 8th grade boys locker!  It was such a high to smack those bad boys onto the inside of those bad boys lockers!  The thrill ended when I heard my 8th grade homeroom teacher say “GIRRRRRRRLLLLLLLSSSS!!!! in his best “I’m disappointed in you voice.”  

That memory along with the day I got to run all day for pulling down a guys shorts, that were on top of his sweatpants (remember the 80’s?) light the corners of my mind!  So when you pulled the shorts, the pants went too— didn’t plan on that.  Yes, I’m thankful I had to run all day, otherwise I would have definitely gotten the paddle… minus the boat!  (remember the 80’s?) Many thanks to Mr. York for just yelling and making me run.  I would have been mortified to have gotten a spanking at school, plus the one at home…. however, I had to take the dare.  You just don’t ignore your girlfriends dare!

So what’s your best school memories?  What lights the “corners” of your mind?