Change, but the same

Well, here it is…  It’s the same, yet different.  It’s a blog, but a new address.  For the last few years I’ve been using blogger, but I liked the helpfulness of wordpress so I’m giving it a shot.  While everything else in my life is changing, why not give this a whirl too!

This is ALOT like our life right now.  It’s the same yet soooo different.  Yes, I’m still the redneckrevrunt’s wife, still proud to have married the man of my dreams and still have the best father to my children I could have dreamed of.  Yet it’s different.  He’s there, in the position we are excited about serving at in the new church.  We, the kids and I,  are still here at the one we’ve loved and served for 8 years.  We’ll be here until the end of May, when school is out.  Yes, it’s still the same loving, awesome people.  But it’s different.  They know I will not be a part of them soon, I know it too and that makes it feel different.

The kids know Daddy loves them, prays for them and thinks of them all the time.  However he is not here.  That is very different.  Daddy sneaks off to “heaven” his happy hunting ground, for an over-nighter once a week or so.  Sometimes he even goes on mission trip for 10-13 days, but this time it’s different.  He’s not going to be here during the week at all— for 3 months!  We’ll have to visit him on the weekends. That’s different.  Boy-howdy!

I read a friend’s reading plan…12 of Lifetime Daily Devotions. and how it blessed me, reassured and comforted me.

Today, I read, “Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever.” Hebrews 31:8.  I’ve read and heard it a million times, but today it hit me differently.  Yes, our circumstances change, our feelings change, and the Lord knows, our weight changes, but Jesus Christ does not.  Thank you Lord, for remaining the same, yesterday, today and forever.  I needed that today.

Now, I’m going to go change my clothes.  They’ll be different ones, but still clothes.