Tree, Forest or Broken Google.

You know the old saying about not being able to see the trees for the forest…. Well, I took a walk the other day and noticed the trees.  Oh, some were gnarly, crooked, half-dead, very interesting, but somehow all of them seemed beautiful… especially with the fall colors they are all beginning to show.  It was then I felt like God said, “Hey, this just like all of you guys down there… you’re messed up in some way or another, none of you are perfect, you’ve all had some damage, but you’re all beautiful to me”.  OOOhhhhh.  Thank you God, that made me smile— but duh? “I know that”!!!! Recently we’ve started calling my son “Google”, it seems whatever is said, he says “yeah, I know”… So as my boy would say…yeah, I know…. BUT… how long have a known that and still sometimes feel like a complete loser, a moron, an ugly, pathetic waste of God’s time!
Well, if we get beyond my slighly broken version of Google, I know in my heart… He loves me just the way I am… He loves you too, just the way you are.


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