Summer, Where for art thou summer????

Oh I just blinked and the summer flew by.  Sadness!!! I just think I’m going to get so much accomplished and then I look and see, whoops I did it again!  However, we have lived the abundant life this summer, 2 camps, 1 week of our church business meeting/seeing friends, and week of camping.  My kids have seen a lot and done a lot.  We enjoyed each other and had some good times too.


Today my baby girl started Kindergarten. ohhhhh sadness.  A few tears were shed, by me only.  Baylee was so excited.  She did have a great time today and she has a wonderful teacher.  I can’t wait to see what comes about this year.

Hunter also had a big change today.  He switched schools and started 2nd grade.  He had a great day and saw lots of friends.  The change has been hard but also very good.

This bittersweet change has been a growing experience for me too.  The school they are now attending was a place I once worked but didn’t get rehired.  Many told me how it was wrong how I was not rehired, but evenso, the job was given to someone better known or who knew others.  Now my children attend this very school, under different leadership, PTL, and they have been greeted by my old coworkers and friends very warmly.  I am thankful that I knew these people. I’m also thankful that God has allowed my this growth opportunity to suck up my pride and change my bitter feelings towards this school to something sweet.  Now it’s even become a blessing!  Thank you Lord for your blessings on me!