As I sit

Wow.. we’ve been sitting here for quite awhile waiting to see what’s going on with my father as he has just had surgery… what’s going on…we’re numb on the backside and in the brain from the waiting and wondering. When will he wake up? When can he go home? What’s next? My role has changed with my father and it’s no longer me listening to my daddy, but me having to politely suggest what we do. Yes, mostly walking on pins and needles hoping not to offend or damage his pride, but knowing if I don’t do something it’s he that will continue to suffer. Ok, so the reason why we’re even here is my “ever so intelligent and wonderful husband” said insteading of sitting and worrying why don’t you do something? Well, we’ve done something but now we’re back to sitting… and so the beat goes on as I sit.


too blessed.

My husband told me about the little girl that had a birthday at the camp they are staying at in Columbia.  She turned 3… and that’s how many toys she owns now.  My son sent a stuffed animal and my daughter picked out a barbie for the little lady. Her name slips my mind right now, but before my husband passed on the gifts she had 1 naked little barbie.  My kids have a room full that they have to step around… oh how blessed we are.  oh how sad I am that I have so much I don’t appreciate.  Lord, thank you for the blessings that I can’t even see because I have too much… I am too blessed…