I like Big Butts

My DAUGHTER~~! She’s 3!!! you know how I like song titles… Ok, so the song wasn’t big butts, but it was big boobs and there isn’t a song for that.. yet anyway…. Sitting in my lap she says, “Mommy, I like your boobies. When can I get boobies?”
We told her when she grew up.. She responds”but i don’t want to grow up!” So like a man I thought!!! Doesn’t want to grow up, but wants some boobies of his own!!!
You know, you just can’t have everything boys… and baylee!!!


Turn, Turn, Turn

To everything there is a season under heaven… ecclesiates or however you spell it! Yep, this season has been cold, dark, wet, heavy, uncomfortable, and long…. and that’s just my personal life. So ready for a new season to come along. Love the snowy days though! Loved building the birdhouses and car and jet with the kids today. Loved being home in my pajamas all day. Love seeing the Olympics. Loved laughing with my kids. Love so many things, maybe this season isn’t all bad!

I may hate myself in the morning…

Once again, the song title headings are back. I love them! I may hate myself in the morning because I’m up at this time of the night! I just cant do this very well and make it all day any more. Man, you gotta hate that. I’m reading Beth Moore’s newest book and it’s awesome! Any woman, any woman, any woman… needs to read this book! It’s great! Tomorrow can I just read all day??? Oh yeah, I’ll be grumpy smurf tomorrow or sleepy dwarf! Darn adulthood!!!