Done it!

We done it is right! The thing you think you’re never gonna do, dont’ want to do, and try not to think about doing—- is done!!! PTL!!! Dad and I went to the place (RIG Ministries Chapel) we want to have mom’s visitation and funeral service and ok’d that with them… of course, date to be set later! We also went to see our friend, David Campbell, also known around the countryside as the funeral director. We discussed mom’s history, got names, filled in a few blanks, then… the casket room… picked one out and then the “vault” Now if that doesn’t say final, your wheels are square! It wasn’t near as bad as I thought and we both feel like we accomplished a lot. You may say, “She’s on drugs!!!” Well, between the supernatural peace that Jesus gives, the sinus meds I need to take and the crunch and munch that served as my lunch, maybe I should have had some more.
added tidbits… oak with a pink velour!!!
& dang!!! dying is expensive!!!!


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