Hard Day’s Night

Seems like each day has it’s hard part anymore and then the night often does too. Life’s been showing it’s ugly side a lot lately and I just can’t believe the curves it’s been throwing. Mom’s battle with cancer. Her friend passing away. Cheryl’s infection and diabetes scare. My friends’ job was taken away with a lame excuse. Baylee’s still not sleeping all night. These are just a few of the precious moments that have been going on. It’s been a hard day and night lately.


I can’t get no satisfaction

My husband thinks that I am the one that’s never satisfied… when in reality it’s really him!!!
He is never satisfied with his amount of toys, guns, time to hunt or boots/shoes. ” I don’t know how to love him” might also be a good title.

WE are so Blessed

I think I can start each blog with a song title.
Total I just want to say how blessed I am with two beautiful and sweet children. I thank God for this blessing. It’s amazing.
I am overwhelmed and exhausted most of the time… but always amazed at the blessing these two little ones are.
Lord help me to be a better mommy to them.